Monday, July 6, 2009

Social Advertising/Marketing -- "Polar Bears"

Beautiful online spot. Back in September, 2008, The Environmental Defense Fund, Ogilvy New York, & The Ad Council launched this online viral PSA as part of a campaign urging people to use public transportation and combat global warming. For creative work, Ogilvy approached well-known street artist Joshua Allen Harris to construct the polar bears featured in the video.

Ogilvy New York's Jon Wagner (Senior Copy Writer) & Dustin Duke (Senior Art Director) on Harris: “We found this artist and asked him to adapt his work to feature a polar bear and her cub, the icons for global warming. The idea was to create something that would stop people in their tracks and to encourage them to think about the little things they can do every day to help save the planet.”

As I'm job-hunting, I keep trying to think of products that I respect or genuinely believe in. There aren't many. But there are countless causes I'd love to work for. Socially progressive mktg/comm/advertising sounds like a pretty rad career path. Especially if the message looks like this.

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