Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Why Is This Pirate Smiling?"

(From a NYT article, April '09. It still cracks me up.)

"1. Because he, Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, is the only Somali pirate from his crew to survive their attempted takeover of the U.S. ship Maersk Alabama.
2. Because his heavily bandaged hand, which is the reason he survived (he asked to be let off the lifeboat where he and his compatriots were holding Maersk captain Richard Phillips hostage shortly before the other three were shot by American snipers), is healing nicely.
3. Because he knows he's the first pirate to be tried in America in over 100 years, which, let's face it, is pretty cool.
4. Because he knows there are already civil-rights leaders lining up to defend him and attack America for its actions.
5. Because he's only a teenager, and he's already realized his lifelong goal of seeing New York City.
6. Because, duh, when people take your picture, you smile. You Americans are so crazy."

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