Monday, August 20, 2012


As predicted, Azealia Banks is blowing up in 2012. Here's her latest video, in which she uses a slicker, more fashion label swagged-out look. Big change from the simple hand-held camera & Mickey Mouse sweater approach in 212. But I love 'em both.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Milton Academy: Throwback Athletics

Confession: I went to an East Coast prep school. One of those prestigious, old-school, Exeter-Andover types. I wore the peacoat and the khakis. I attended classes in old brick buildings with white columns. I know what a harkness table is. I guess you could say I was a boarding school brat.  But a sensible brat -- I worked my ass off, spent my $20/month allowance on laundry, shampoo, and a movie ticket, and I didn't have my first beer until I was 18. (Maybe I was just a prude.) Anyway, of course I had your typical prep school classmates, whose parents either invented TiVo, founded Bain, or were members of the Kennedy clan. I also had plenty of classmates who didn't have any money -- which people often forget about. Hmm, I dont know where I'm going with this anymore. Basically, prep school (at least Milton Academy) isn't just for rich white kids anymore. It was a challenging, but fantastic institution where kids from around the world received a kickass education. And for those lucky enough like me, got to have a lot of fun playing sports.

Mustangs bleed Orange & Blue. At Milton, I spent all my time in the library or sports field/hockey rink/weightroom. I was a student-athlete, and I'm proud of that. Being a student-athlete was a large part of my identity growing up. (Which partly explains why I get so offended when people call me a hipster. Hipsters don't play sports.)  Anyway, I found these amazing throwback images of Milton Athletics from the past +100 years.  

One of the reasons I went to Milton was to play competitive women's hockey, which I couldn't play in Portland, Oregon. We did not wear turtlenecks. 

This was probably my dad's era. Look at those old-school Gretzky-esque Jofas. Love it.

Field Hockey: 1920. I picked up field hockey my freshman year, a sport I'd never heard of before attending Milton. No, we did not wear MC Hammer pants, nor did we wear sailor bibs. However, I would've loved to rock an arm band.

This was the location of many painful workouts. I ran for the track team my junior year. I quickly learned that I hated track. All you do is run around in circles. One time I got in big trouble for kicking the baton. I didn't realize that the cylindrical piece of metal had sacred powers, or whatever. All I saw was a shiny object I wanted to kick. Because you kick things in real sports. 

Track: 1920s. Did you know that tracks used to be made out of plywood? I did not. 

Oh, aren't they cute. 
Baseball on the Quad, in front of Robbins House. I guess this really was a long-standing tradition. After  dinner in the Spring, dorms would play whiffleball against each other. I usually got bored and wandered off back into the dining hall to sneak more snacks. 

Cant tell if that's a bear rug..errr
That's a little better. 

Milton vs. Nobles: arch-rivals since 1886. The annual football game is one of the oldest rivalries in the nation.