Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebrity Marketing: Michael Jackson x Pepsi

1983-1984: as part of the Jackson family x PepsiCo x BBDO (ad agency)$5million partnership, the "New Generation" campaign targeted the youth-consumer, giving PepsiCo a definite boost in their soda-war vs. Coca-Cola.

Sure, seeing Beyonce in a Pepsi ad, or Miley Cyrus on a cereal box isn't anything special -- my generation has been jaded by the "hype" of celebrity marketing. But back when we didn't have internet, and when the ad/mktg & music worlds weren't so fragmented, the Jackson x PesiCo collaboration was HUGE. Today, the significance of celebrity marketing gets easily lost -- it's largely uninteresting, overdone, and often irrelevant. However, in 1984, this ad was so fresh & so iconic that it still totally rocks!

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