Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Gist

New Year's Eve: Flew into Beijing
Jan. 1-14: BEIJING (with friends from Williams -- Cary/Quan/Katie)
Jan. 8-9: HARBIN (C/Q; K stays behind due to injury - more on that later)
Jan. 15-20: XI'AN (Q/K; C leaves for work in Thailand)
Jan. 20-23: SHANGHAI (Q; K stays in X -- move into apartment)
Jan. 24-29: HONG KONG (Quan; K stays in X -- Fulbright restrictions)
Jan. 30--: XI'AN (Katie's apartment)

Since my life-time goal is to see the world, and the economy has gone to crap & no one's hiring anyway, I figured it'd be a good time for me to travel. (Well, other than the going-broke bit; but hey, this beats crying myself to sleep at home b/c I'm pathetically unemployed...ok i'm exaggerating -- i'm not actually much of a crier, so maybe i'd just break dishes. Oh, wait, i dont do that either. But you get the point. )

Conveniently, a bunch of friends from Williams were all going to be in Asia at the same time, so we decided to meet up in China & travel around for a bit.

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