Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beijing: 798 District

Since 798 = Beijing's contemporary art district, you shouldn't be surprised to find pepto-bismol-pink sculptures of butt-naked ladies laughing euphorically while suggestively straddling their bicycles. (ooh baby).
This is me attempting to look cool at Nike's warehouse in 798 (Lebron exhibit).

Exploring an empty warehouse. (Reminds me of when I was a kid & used to roam around the woods in our backyard while trying to find snails, pulling ivy off of trees, & doing all the other nature-loving things that suburban freak loner children do. Except in the city, it's all about exploring empty, gutted buildings. hmm, guess I haven't changed much, except now I have a penchant for cement, graffiti, other man-made clutter.)
This is me supporting gun violence & gang warfare...daddy, aren't you proud?!?...(and this is what inspired the founding of Brrap Noodoh. yes it's true, my friends and i actually gave our posse a name, thus successfully proving that a degree from Williams means nothing in terms of one's own maturity level...brrap brrap.)

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