Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blonde Redhead - "In Particular"

Reminds me of Senior year, when I'd walk into Quan's room and discover her lying on her bed, hands neatly/creepily folded across her chest, staring at the ceiling -- deep in thought about something. Similar expression as when she's listening to music. (Then again, her mind would also wander aimlessly, like when she once exclaimed, "Ohh, you CAUGHT me! I was just thinking about horses -- actually I was thinking about my horse necklace.") In Particular by Blonde Redhead album Melody of Certain Damage Lemons by Dianouk

Lying on my back,
I heard music,
Felt unsure & catastrophic,
Had to tell myself it's only music,
It blows my mind,
But it's like that.

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