Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall in Williamstown

I was so restless when I went to Williams College. All I wanted was out of the small New England preppy scene, probably because it seemed like high school all over again. But I now miss this so much. I miss being in a community full of the brightest and motivated people I've ever been around. There weren't many responsibilities. (Well, besides the inordinate amounts of homework, and endless hours of sports training.) But if you worked hard, you were rewarded. Everyday I was challenged, I busted my ass, and I got something out of it. You didn't have to schmooze, or know the right people in order to climb up some silly political ladder. There weren't dues you had to pay, and there wasn't b*tch work to be done. Instead, we learned and grew in what (I didn't realize until now) was an incredibly supportive and rare environment. Williams is a special place, and I can now say that I miss it.

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