Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hedi Slimane photographs Agyness Deyn

Hedi Slimane and Agyness Deyn: two of my favorite expressions of androgyny. Hedi's eye & Agyness's look -- I LOVE them. And you'd think that when you put the two together, you'd get something amazing, something that would make me spazz out because absolutely ROCKS. But I'm somewhat disappointed. Hedi photographed Agyness for the 8th issue of Man About Town, and it all seems a bit melodramatic. I was expecting better. It tries too hard. I still love their individual aesthetics, but I'm finding it's primarily out of principle that I'm posting these photos, not because I'm drooling. Because I'm not. But, I cant NOT post these. And fine, I guess these aren't THAT bad - I do really like them. I'm just surprised and I was hoping for a little more rock n' roll mystery, or edge, or maybe a little more glam & swagger. Not strung-out, overdramatic-yet-bland diva. Or am I finally getting tired of them? No, that cant be. It's just that I should be going bonkers over these, but I'm not for some reason.

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