Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blue, blue, electric blue!

Believe it or not, I used to wear blue eyeshadow back in high school (you know, to match my blue turtleneck-sweater...you gotta hook it up, right?). Anyway, I always got a lot of sh*t from my friends for wearing it. And despite the many comparisons to Mimi in Drew Carey's show, it wasn't until the makeup woman at Nordstroms reminded me that I'm Asian with small/slanty eyelids (therefore defeating the purpose of wearing eye-makeup, since you can't see my eyelids unless my eyes are closed) that I finally put my eyeshadow away. Since then, I've pretty much dismissed eye-makeup altogether. That is, until now.

Meet Kristin Reiter, a creative at Nike (who I had the pleasure of meeting this summer through a fab friend of mine, Cindy.) Upon reading Kristin's kickass blog BLEACHBLACK, I've discovered that she rocks the most radass hue of eyeshadow I've ever seen. Is that too shallow & materialistic of me to say? Oh, F it. (I mean really: How am I supposed to look at these images & NOT want to immediately procreate with some generously-eyelidded significant other, with the obvious intent of bringing normal-eyelidded offspring into this world, for which I'd have a decent excuse to return to makeup counters once again and demand for greatest shade of electric-aqua-blue?! Is that weird? Is that racist? Probablyyy. It's just that sometimes, slanty-eyes can be a b*tch.)

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